•   8 months ago

Why only templates?

Hello, interesting service BunnyShell!, I wonder if you guys are interested in hackathon entries other than templates, maybe CLI tools that enhance BunnyShell experience or sections/functionalities to add to the user dashboard. Will that be interesting?


  • Manager   •   8 months ago

    Hi Domingo, that's interesting but not in the scope of this hackathon. Thanks,

  •   •   8 months ago

    got it, thank you!

  • Manager   •   7 months ago

    Domingo, please revisit the hackathon page, we also support popular open source projects if that's interesting for you.

  •   •   7 months ago

    Thank you Grig!

  •   •   6 months ago

    Thank you Eden!, I've been bothering your team over web chat and LinkedIn don't worry about it ;)

    My main concern as a participant in the hackathon is that it is very difficult to differentiate yourself from the rest by "just" creating a remote developing environment template. I understand that filling your marketplace with templates has a lot of value for Bunnyshell, but how can evaluate that Env A with tech X, Y, and Z is better/worse than Env B with tech A, B, and C ? This is why I'm still trying to figure out an entry that really can catch the attention of the judges

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