Key Concepts

  • Bunnyshell Platform: An Environment as a Service platform that simplifies the creation and management of application environments, streamlining development and testing. 2-min video | Documentation

  • Environment: An overview of environment configurations, appearance, and functionality, including start/stop and settings. 4-min video | Documentation

  • Remote Development with Debugging: An introduction to the concept of remote development within Bunnyshell environments. 6-min video | Documentation

  • Template: Explanation of templates, their purpose, location, and how they can be used to create an environment. Documentation



Using a Template to Create an Environment

  • 3-min video: A step-by-step visual guide to creating an environment using a template.

  • Documentation: Detailed written instructions for generating an environment from a template.


Creating a Template

  • 20-min video: A complete walkthrough on crafting a custom template for Bunnyshell environments, by following an example application.

  • Documentation: Comprehensive written guidelines for designing and implementing a template.



You can take a look at current Bunnyshell templates to see how they're structured and what angles they approach. Don't hesitate to propose templates for the same technology stack if you feel they are better than what Bunnyshell currently offers.



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